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Apartment 6 by Stuart James  Bloodhound Books January 22nd 2020

Be careful what you wish for…

When Meagan was five years old her mother was viciously attacked and murdered.

Now an adult, she herself is the victim of an abusive relationship. Meagan is desperate to escape but doesn’t have the courage to leave.

So, when Meagan meets Oliver, a decent guy who is on the rebound after a failed relationship, the two strike up a connection. But when Meagan confesses that her husband is abusive, it leads Oliver down a dark and dangerous path.

Just how far would you go to protect someone?

Oliver is about to find out and be pushed to his very limits…

My Review

You always know your in a for a fast, multi layered, twisty read when Stuart James launches another novel into the publishing world and Apartment 6 was no exception.

Meek little Meaghan, forever the victim, first at the hands of her Father and now a husband who ridiculed and abused her every day, who controlled her every move. How would she find a way out and find a new happier life?

Oliver, suddenly single, looking for something else, on the rebound and his chance meeting with Meaghan the start of a sequence of events that he perhaps hadn’t bargained for.

You could sense the instant attraction between them but there was always that nagging doubt that lingered, that perhaps there was something more to their chance meeting.

As James probed Meaghan’s background, and drew us back into her past, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. James didn’t flinch from his portrayal of the domestic violence she witnessed and suffered. You asked yourself why her Mum stayed, why Meaghan stayed as you winced at the blows and psychological abuse that came their way.

I questioned Oliver’s involvement, his naivety as Jame’s plot took a darker more sinister turn. The pace became furious, the deceit and lies more apparent as James upturned everything you had thought about the characters. Who was telling the truth, who could you believe or were they all selfish in pursuit of their own ill gotten gains?

I could feel myself urging Oliver to run away as fast as possible, felt my attitude toward Meaghan start to change as more and more of her story and personality emerged.

What more would James throw at us, what more could his characters do that would frazzle my brain as I tried to work out their next move? Just when I thought it was all over James threw in the ultimate twist, the big reveal.

The ending was akin to the end of a film, the characters riding off into the sunset, laughing, smiling at their cleverness, at a job well done.

Well, Stuart James, Apartment 6 was definitely a job well done. Another ride into the dark murky world of murder, violence and the wrong side of human nature.

Bring on the next novel!

I would like to thank Bloodhound Books for a copy of Apartment 6 to read and review and to Sarah Hardy at Books On The Bright Side Publicity and Promo for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to take part in the blogtour.

About the author


Stuart James


I have always loved scary stories, especially ones that shocked me, left me terrified, looking under my bed or in the wardrobe before going to sleep.
There was just a fantastic buzz whenever I watched or read something that took my breathe away.
I remember going to my nan’s house in Ireland as a youngster with my mother and sister, on the West Coast, staying in a cottage, surrounded by miles of fields and my family sitting around the table in the kitchen at night telling ghost stories. Going out and exploring derelict farmhouses in the middle of nowhere. I remember clearly the field at the end of the road was supposed to be haunted by headless nuns.
My cousins often remind me of the great times we had, frightening each other and running for our lives whenever we’d see something that didn’t look right.
This is why I love nothing more than to tell a story.

I started writing two years ago, penning The House On Rectory Lane.
I got the idea from something that has often seemed scary to me. I know that a terrifying story has to be something that you’re frightened of doing, something that makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck, something that fills you with dread, yet also with excitement.
To me, the thought of going to a house in the middle of nowhere, upping and leaving a busy town and moving to the country is something that scares lots of people and me: the seclusion, the quiet, the darkness.
That’s what inspired me to write my first novel.

My second thriller is called Turn The Other Way.
I have multiple stories running, past and present. A family who want answers from the surgeon responsible for their daughter’s death.
A young woman looking for her parents after they go missing from a party.
A couple driving home and hearing screams for help from the back of the van in front of them.
A serial killer on the loose in North London, dragging victims off the street.

I’m so grateful when people not only read my thrillers but also take the time to get in touch and leave a review. To me, that is the greatest feeling, hearing from people that have enjoyed my work. I know then that I’m doing something right.

I’m currently working on my new thriller, Apartment Six, which Will be released 29th of January.

I’m 45, married and have two beautiful children. Currently, I’m a full-time plumber but would love nothing more than to make a living from my writing.
I hope I write stories and people continue to enjoy them for years to come. That would be completely amazing and a dream come true.



Apartment 6 can be bought by following the link below:




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