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The End Is Where We Begin by Maria Goodin. Legend Press March 16th 2021

The Blurb

Jay Lewis is a troubled soul. A single father, just trying to keep everything together, he knows he sabotages any real chance of happiness. Tormented by nightmares and flashbacks, he can’t forget the events from one fateful night that steered the course of the rest of his life. Struggling against the crushing weight of guilt, Jay knows there are wrongs he needs to put right.

Determined to get closure, he seeks out old friends and a past love. But in his quest for a more peaceful future, is he ready to face the trauma of his past?

My Review

A cryptic title that posed many questions. Had our main character, Jay, got to the end of his story, were we going to follow him back to the beginning to how he got to his ending? Or did it mean his life could restart at year one after years of anguish?

I was interested to find out and the story that unfolded was a complex one, one that Goodin told with great introspection, perception and compassion. The opening was poignant, a dad celebrating his teenage sons birthday, the everyday celebrations of blowing out candles, watching them disappear to celebrate with friends. Yet we knew that Jay wasn’t coping that something lay behind the panic attack, the inability to feel joy and freedom.

We were sent back in time, to a childhood with friends, to school life, the divide between public and private the differing expectations that somehow didn’t seem to matter to Jay, and his little group. That was until an incident we only got glimpses of where we made assumptions and more importantly where Jay and his friends lives appeared to fall apart.

Goodin excelled at getting deep into Jay’s mind as she pushed him into meetings with old friends, made him face upto his and others actions, his role as a father and the modern issues of parenting a teenager.

Goodin touched on so many themes, of mental health, love, trust, social media that in less skillful hands could have been piece meal, a random flitting between past and present but it wasn’t. It was utterly engaging not only from an emotional aspect but we had the added intrigue of the real happenings of that one fateful night one that Goodin slowly unraveled, hints dropped into the narrative, fleeting images that left you guessing right until the end.

It could have been all darkness but chinks of light and warmth crept in as Jay reconciled feelings, thoughts and actions, as you hoped a way forward seemed more possible. Was a new life a possibility, could love be within his reach? And finally did the title justify the content and the ending? That is not for me to say but for you to find out.

I would like to thank Legend Press for a copy of The End Is Where We Begin to read and review and for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author

Maria Goodin.jpg

Maria Goodin’s debut novel Nutmeg was published in 2012 and sold into the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Australia. The End is Where We Begin is her second novel. Maria lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two sons. Maria’s writing is influenced by her experience working in the field of mental health, and by an interest in how people process traumatic events.

 Instagram: @mariagoodin_author

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