#Blogtour Cherry Slice by Jennifer Stone @missjennystone @farragobooks

Cherry Slice by jennifer Stone
Farrago Books April 2nd 2020

Reality TV turns deadly in Cherry Hinton’s first case

When Kenny Thorpe, a contestant on Expose TV’s Big Blubber, the hot new celebrity weight-loss show, is murdered on live television in front of 3 million viewers, the case seems pretty watertight. After all, everyone saw Martin do it – didn’t they?

Cherry Hinton knows there’s more to this than meets the eye. As an investigative reporter, she went undercover on dating show Caravan of Love… but after getting in too deep with one of the other contestants, she was caught knickerless in front of the nation. Humiliated, fired and heartbroken, she has fled to Brentwood, where she opens a cake shop, and tries to forget all about Expose.

Until Kenny Thorpe’s sister walks into her shop with a letter that turns Cherry’s world upside down. Is Martin innocent? How is infamous gangster Leon Solent involved? Is Expose to blame, and is there a killer still on the loose?

Cherry is the only one in a position to find out.

My Review

Cherry Slice was the perfect antidote to the times we find ourselves in from its bright pink cover to the wacky, fun story within its pages.

Now I have to admit to being late to the party, to the bizarre life of Cherry Hinton, ex journalist and reality TV star. I loved that she was famous for all the wrong reasons, yet carried on with her head held high.

Her investigation into the death of an old friend took her reluctantly back into the reality TV world. You could sense her frustration as those she encountered couldn’t quite take her seriously, but she was one determined woman, who you knew would succeed.

Now any murder investigation is serious, but Stone wasn’t here to give us complete doom and gloom she was here to make us laugh, to take us into a whole other world. It was a world of superficiality, of characters whose bodies were more often than not full of plastic, Botox and an incessant need for fame and fortune.

The county of Essex wasn’t perhaps portrayed in the best light, but then that was never, I hope, Stone’s intention. It was all about exaggeration and not taking yourself too seriously which I loved.

I absolutely loved Cherry’s mum, her take on and the modern world and out of the blue one liners were brilliant. She was the perfect foil to Cherry, a woman in the know had her eyes in places Cherry would never have thought!

It wasn’t only Cherry’s mum who had the great one liners, the whole novel was littered with them and I will never forget get the idea of The Faeces Factor out of my head!

If your looking for fun and frivolity then Cherry Slice is the novel for you! I loved it!!

I would like to thank Farrago Books for a copy of Cherry Slice to read and review for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author

Jennifer Stone was born in Essex and spent her formative years living within its borders and enjoying the delights of the multiple night clubs and alcopop-swigging opportunities available. After a stint in North Wales acquiring a degree and a further spell in Leeds, training to be a teacher, she returned to the south of England to teach English in a variety of schools. She is currently head of English at a boarding school in Suffolk and has just completed her MA in Creative Writing (Crime) at UEA. She lives with her wife and their small son.

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