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The Fathers, The Sons And The Anxious Ghosts by Jamie Adams

Three guys in their thirties have something in common. Their children all go to the same school. One day a tragic event leads to them having to deal with a lurking aftermath which draws them into each other’s lives and causes them to rethink their attitudes to just about everything.

The children tell the second part of this story, ten years after the initial events. The dust seems to have settled until one of them uncovers information that throws everything back into chaos.

The third part… well that will have to wait

My Review

This novel was short, but definitely not short on storytelling, its themes based on what we see on the outside, never really knowing what goes on behind closed doors.

I liked that the author chose to fill his novel with largely male characters, always interesting to see their thought processes, often so different from the female. Split into three sections Adams introduced us to the Fathers, Matt, Alex and Josh, each so different, Matt and Josh married, Josh single, but all with children. It was their interaction with each other and indeed their children that stood out, Matt very much the dominate parent, as his wife focused on her career, Alex the breadwinner, Josh the single, part time parent. Adam’s had all societal angles covered, and it allowed him to show the myriad of reactions to the tragic events that unfolded.

Adam’s didn’t dwell on the present before fast forwarding to ten years later and it was the turn of the sons to tell their story, still at school but now faced with the aftershocks as they dealt with new revelations. It was interesting to see their reactions, how some appeared more mature than others.

The third part was definitely different and to avoid spoilers I shall not reveal what it contained but instead just to say that it was a quite a clever technique employed by the author.

It made you question the impact our adult actions can have on our children, how even adults can at times be the child, be unable to let things go, to forgive, and move on. The consequences are often felt for many years in the future, the parent often selfish in pursuit of their own needs.

Its not easy to write a novella, to get the balance right but Adams has done a pretty good job and it will be interesting to see what he writes next.

I would like to thank Austin Macaulay for a copy of The Fathers, The Sons and The Anxious Ghosts to read and review and to Emma Welton of Damp Pebbles Blogtours for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author

Jamie is a teacher who has studied a geography degree back in the nineties because of his love of nature and the outdoors. He found environmental education especially important and soon became a teacher for the primary-age group.

Jamie enjoys reading and watching all kinds of theatre productions, from high dramas to lively musicals. His love of writing shines through in everything he does.

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