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Ghoster by Jacob Arnopp Orbit 24th October 2019

About the book

Kate Collins has been ghosted.

She was supposed to be moving in with her new boyfriend Scott, but all she finds after relocating to Brighton is an empty flat. Scott has vanished. His possessions have all disappeared. 

Except for his mobile phone.

Kate knows she shouldn’t hack into Scott’s phone. She shouldn’t look at his Tinder, his texts, his social media. But she can’t quite help herself. 

That’s when the trouble starts. Strange, whispering phone calls from numbers she doesn’t recognise. Scratch marks on the door that she can’t explain. 

And the growing feeling that she’s being watched . . .

My Review

I have not read anything quite like Ghoster for a long time. It was a real mix of the supernatural, real life and the sometimes brutal and fickle world of social media.

Main protagonist Kate, was your average single woman, a heroic paramedic, who upsticks and moved to Brighton to move in with Scott, a guy first encountered on Tinder before meeting at a holistic retreat. Would I move in with a guy after 4 months, maybe not but this was fiction and where would we be without a bit of drama as Kate discovered an empty flat and no Scott.

With no contact Kate was well and truly Ghosted, something I myself have never encountered but have heard of. Now if it was me I’d cut my losses and go home but not Kate as she discovered Scott’s phone and decided it was time to go back into the world of social media.

Boy did she get more than she bargained for and Arnopp left nothing out as he took us on roller coaster tour of the social media world.

He gave us glimpses into the easily accessible world of porn, of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder. The near perfect images percolated from the screen, and you could see how easily Kate had once been drawn in to its addictive world, of the obsessiveness, of following that one person, agonising over the if and buts of failed relationships and the world in general.

This time you felt Kate’s use of social media was for a good cause, as she sought to uncover the disappearance of Scott, yet it came with its own dangers, as Arnopp delighted in his eerie ghostly visions, of chipped wood in front doors. There were the mysterious phone calls which only added to the chilling intensity and bristling fear.

The arrival of her friend Izzy, seemed to push Kate onwards as the novel became darker, and more intense. Where would Arnopp take us next, what would Kate discover and would we have that happy ending we always want?

It was a novel that pushed the bounds of realism, that wasn’t afraid to take risks, pulling the reader along, to a fast and dramatic conclusion.

Arnopp should be congratulated for creating a novel that stepped away from the ordinary, that challenged and entertained.

I would like to thank Orion for a copy of Ghoster to read and review and to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author

Jason Arnopp is a British author and scriptwriter. His background is in journalism: he has worked on titles such as Heat, Q, The Word and Kerrang!. He recently co-authored the Black Mirror tie-in book with Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, and has also written comedy for Radio 4 and official tie-in fiction for Doctor Who and Friday the 13th. The cult hit The Last Days of Jack Sparks was the first novel which was entirely Jason’s own fault, and it is followed by the chilling supernatural thriller Ghoster.

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