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I Wanteded You To Know by Laura Pearson Agora Books October 3rd 2019


Dear Edie, I wanted you to know so many things. I wanted to tell you them in person, as you grew. But it wasn’t to be.

Jess never imagined she’d be navigating single motherhood, let alone while facing breast cancer. A life that should be just beginning is interrupted by worried looks, heavy conversations, and the possibility of leaving her daughter to grow up without her.

Propelled by a ticking clock, Jess knows what she has to do: tell her daughter everything. How to love, how to lose, how to forgive, and, most importantly, how to live when you never know how long you have.

From best-selling author Laura Pearson comes her most devastating book yet. Honest, heart-wrenching, and emotionally raw, I Wanted You To Know is a love letter to life: to all its heartache and beauty, to the people we have and lose, to the memories and moments that define us.

My Review

Before you embark on Laura Pearson’s novel, a word of warning, ensure you have a box of tissues to hand as you are definitely going to need them!

I Wanted You To Know was certainly not an easy read. It was both poignant, emotional and heartbreaking. Please, please don’t let this put you off as you will miss out on a wonderful story.

It was the story of Jess, 21, a new Mum, a broken relationship and back living with her Mum. A cancer diagnosis was definitely not on her life plan and it was there that you would expect it to descend into abject misery, and yes at times it was upsetting, but Pearson used a different approach. Instead she alternated her chapters with letters Jess wrote to her daughter, Edie, of her background, her relationship with Edie’s father and the hopes and aspirations she had for her as he grew up.

What made it all the more poignant was Pearson’s own personal experience, an honest, at times brutal portrayal of what it felt like to live with cancer, the effect it had on family and friends. It made you want to put your arms out and hug Jess, you admired her bravery, her matter of factness and ability to be the best Mum she could.

You could sense the anguish of her Mum, her best friend, their helplessness, but also their unwavering support for Jess.

What came across more than anything was cancers ability to make us question our whole life, the decisions we have made, the need to build bridges, restore relationships and generally get your life in order.
It was written without sentimentality, without us wanting to feel pity for its characters, but instead admiration at their bravery and stoicism, and a sense of hope and light in the face of adversity.

As much as I wiped my away the tears, I also smiled and laughed, a sure sign of an author that has got the balance just right.

I would like to thank Agora Books for a copy of I wanted You To Know to read and review and to Peyton Stableford for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author

Laura Pearson is the bestselling author of Missing Pieces and Nobody’s Wife. Her third book, I Wanted You To Know, was inspired by a letter she wrote to her children after being diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant. She lives in Leicestershire with her husband and two children, and spends her time writing novels, running The Motherload Book Club, and doing the school run in the rain.


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