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Wicked Girl

Girl by I.V Olokital   May 4th 2019

“Even if a dog goes mad, it will always be a dog.” 

So said a small white sign hung on a wall in Birmingham Mental Institution Ward number 3. It had a black frame, written in a hand they were all well acquainted with. The letters had faded over time. In the end, among all the calligraphy in the frame, one could detect a blurred signature. It was mine. 

John Wilcox is a young idler who loathes people except for young women. His destiny brought him near Birmingham Mental Institution during an earthquake. At that time Wilcox saves Elsie, an eccentric, half-deranged teenager. John pulls out every manipulation at his disposal to convince her that he is the right person to help her recover. Grey, Alessi’s father, goes on a quest for his lost daughter. She, too, like her mother, was trying to escape him. And so, began the tragic story between prey, and it’s supposed predator.

Wicked Girl is a psychological crime fiction, where a sequence of accidents generates cold-blooded, and blood-curdling actions. It is a fascinating combination of romance, tension, and humor, unpredictable to the very end. Presented in a clear, straightforward way, yet its plot is packed with wit, action, and surprises grabbing the reader’s attention all the way to the last word.

My Review 

Ok, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I mean an earthquake in the middle of Birmingham of all places. Maybe the author had a glimpse into the future, and saw something we could never ever imagine and indeed it was Olokita’s imagination that seemed to run riot throughout Wicked Girls.

The novel itself was pretty short but Olokita packed in an awful lot. We had John, a would be psychologist whose rescue of Elsie from the rumble of the quake set off a chain of pretty bizarre events. Could he save her from her Father, could he rehabilitate her or would her Father, Gray reclaim her and continue to abuse her?

Barry and Eveline were thrown into the mix, their own trauma  brought to the fore as they cared for Elsie.

Elsie, herself, was brilliantly portrayed, a real Jekyll and Hyde character, the reader never knowing from one page to the next which side we would see.. or when or if she ever told the truth.

I loved how Olokita exaggerated his characters various traits, adding to the heightened dramatic and at times brutal feel of the novel. There was definitely no sweetness and light although that didn’t anyway detract from my enjoyment.

You never worked out if John was actually Elsie’s saviour or if he was merely attracted to her, Barry and Eveline both friend and foe, as wires became crossed and loyalties tested.

The narrative was fast and punchy, full of tension and Olokita took you on a real rollercoaster ride as he cranked up the tension before an electrifying drama filled climax.

Yet Olokita didn’t stop there, just as you thought that was it he gave us more, one twist followed by another, that left me quite open mouthed. I had to question what I had read, look more carefully for the clues that I must have missed only to give in and admire the author for his heart stopping ending.

Wicked Girl wasn’t my usual type of novel, it was very definitely out of my comfort zone but sometimes you need to read the unusual, experience other genres, and be surprised.

Wicked Girl was definitely a surprise and I shall be making more of an effort to step out of my comfort zone a little bit more.

I would like to thank I.V Olokita for a copy of Wicked Girl to read and review and to Emma Welton of Damp Pebbles Blogtours for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author


I.V. Olokita has been providing medical care most of his life, specializing in management of medical aid to disaster areas all over the world. He also has a BA degree in logistics, and an MA degree in emergency and disaster situations management. He volunteers to rescue missions in disaster areas all over the world. I. V. Olokita is a happily married father of two adolescents and a foster father of five cats and two dogs.

Olokita’s first book (in Hebrew), Ten Simple Rules, was published in 2014. It won an Israeli literary prize, and immediately made an online bestseller. The following year, another book by Olokita, The Executioner From The Silent Valley, made a local bestseller in Israel. In May 2016, his third novel, Wicked Girl, was published, to great success, and is now presented in English. Olokita’s books are characterized by direct writing, twists and turns, requiring the reader to delve into and maintain vigilance from the beginning of the book to its surprising end.

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