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dead in the water

Was it murder, suicide or an accident? Who will be next to die?

Six international friends all appear to be successful, albeit to different levels. A human rights’ lawyer, an IT geek, a businessman, a waitress, a phone guy and a physiotherapist. None of them are known to the police.

One of them must know what happened that fateful night on the catamaran.

Agent Georges Fournier is assigned the case in the French resort town near Antibes. He’s short on time, with a growing health problem and a District Attorney who just wants the case closed as accidental. But he’s not letting go.

Chrissie is a single mother and respected flight attendant in New York. When she finds out who her father is, she’s ecstatic and wants to meet him. 

But within a week she’d wish she’d never known.

My Review

When its cold and wet outside, there’s nothing like a good thriller to cosy upto on an evening, although I wouldn’t have called Dead In The Water cosy.

Its characters were definitely not of the cosy variety and some distinctly unlikeable.

What I did like was the variety of Bowers’s characters, all from differing backgrounds, the dynamics extremely interesting and intriguing.

Our main protagonist, Charlie was a man who wanted everything and more, who took a sabbatical, met the luscious Ana. At first, I actually quite liked Charlie, he was your typical lad, out for a good time, but as the story unfolded my opinions changed.

Ana, was your archetypal ‘bitch’ with little thought for anyone but herself, out for whatever she could get. Bower gave us occasional glimpses into her nicer side but they were mere chinks and certainly not overly endearing.

Lena and Mia were the wealthy, Uncle and Aunt, living a life of luxury in Switzerland, yet you sensed it was a loveless marriage that was convenient and suited them both. You knew that Len’s money was not clean and he displayed a ruthless side in order to protect himself and his interests.

Charlie’s brother Scott, was what I would call hapless, bored by the minutiae of marriage and children and desperate for an alternative life.

In New York Chrissie resided with her young daughter, working hard with only her Mum for support until she decided to discover who her father was and it was this angle that had me guessing as to the role she would play in the novel.

Last but not least was Fournier, the detective sent to investigate the body in the water. He was not the best detective, in fact you could call him bumbling, clumsy in his approach, but doggedly determined to discover with truth.

Bower threw, Len, Mia, Charlie, Scott and Charlie’s housemate Stella  altogether on a catamaran and set them off sailing the mediterranean and that is where this story really began.

The dynamics were brilliantly explored and the subtle undercurrents of tension fantastically realised by Bower. A supposed fatal accident set of a chain of events that projected the characters and the storyline into a whirl of fast paced action and drama. I found it hard to guess who had done what to who so complex was the web of intrigue Bower wove, it certainly made for interesting and fast reading.

What impressed most was Bower’s handling of the intricacies of his plot and the myriad of characters, it would have been so easy for it to be utterly confusing to the reader but it wasn’t. The fact that each chapter was told from the point of view of individual characters gave the novel a multi dimensional feel that was compelling and I loved that it gave Bower the opportunity to explore their thoughts and reasoning.

Dead In the Water was a thrilling ride around Europe, with a wonderfully varied cast of individuals. It had everything you would want in a thriller, sex, money, murder, and heaps of intrigue that I loved and would recommend.

I would like to thank Middle Farm Press for a copy of Dead In The Water to read and review and to Emma Welton of Damp Pebbles Tours for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author


Simon Bower is a British and Canadian author born in Berkshire in 1973. Since 1998, he’s adopted a global lifestyle, setting up home at times in Europe, Africa and North America.  In 2016 Simon turned to writing full time, which led to his first published work, Dead in the Water, being released in paperback and eBook by Middle Farm Press in 2018. Simon currently lives in France, near the Swiss border, where his young family, mountains, acrylic paint and sharpened skis keep him in regular mischief.

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