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Blind Justice by Alex Tresillian  Urbane Publications  July 5th 2018

Superstar Paralympian Fiona Mackintosh Green retires from wheelchair racing to set up Forward Roll – a charity to help disabled people achieve self-respect through sport. However, question marks surround some of the charity’s major donors, and Niall Burnet, visually impaired journalist, is sent in under cover to work for the organisation and find out more.

What he finds is danger at the hands of a pharmaceutical giant involved in the development of undetectable performance-enhancing drugs. Niall’s investigating soon stirs old enemies who lurk on the streets of London, and when his girlfriend takes up a position at the British Association for the Blind, it triggers a chain of events that leads inexorably towards threats on their very lives…

My Review

Imagine my surprise when I realised the customer who had asked if he could put a poster up on our library notice board for his book signing was non other than Alex Tresillian. It took me a moment or two to realise but when I did I rushed over and blurted out that I was about to read Blind Justice and participate in the blogtour!

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the book signing, but I am sure it was a huge success.

Blind Justice was a novel that hooked me from the first page, the subjects it covered both interesting and thought provoking. The subject of sport and drug taking to enhance performance is, it seems never out of the news and much of this novel dealt with just this topic. What I particularly liked was that Tresillian gave a balanced viewpoint never pushing the negatives at the reader but succinctly portraying the thought processes behind those who clearly have no qualms about using artifical means to enhance their performance.

The two sides of the argument were a great tool by which Tresillian could bring out the various characteristics of his characters. Nate, the coach,was a prime example, a man always tinged with bad press, forceful, nasty and really not very likeable. I wasn’t quite sure about his wife Fiona, at times I liked her, at other times I found her cold and calculating, but I guess as a retired paraathlete she had to be this way in order to succeed.

It was the main characters, Niall and Miranda who were the stars of the novel. A couple who were not quite sure why they lived together or if in fact they actually loved each other. Niall’s undercover job offered them a chance of a new start but only seemed to widen the cracks in their already fractured relationship.

Niall, was at times irritating and frustrating, and at first he came across as selfish and self absorbed but as the novel progressed I found that I liked him more, found him to be much stronger and purposeful. His blindness wasn’t his main issue, and to Tresillian’s credit there were instances when I forgot that he had no sight. What his blindness did do was heighten his other senses and Tresillian skillfully wove these into the story giving the novel a unique and completely different perspective from others in the genre.

Miranda, was Niall’s opposite, caring, and thoughtful thinking more of Niall than herself. Having not read the first novel and unaware of Miranda’s back story, I sensed that she felt guilty about having her sight back and maybe felt somehow beholden to Niall. As the story unfolded you could sense her growing confidence, her need to sort out her own life, to discover who she wanted to be.

At times it felt as if there were two separate stories within one novel, that of Niall and the other Miranda, each trying to sort out their lives, yet converging at points to work together to try and uncover the truth about the Forword Roll charity. You might have thought it would make the novel disjointed and bitty but Tresillian’s skill was the way in which he handled the two strands, and wove them seamlessly together.

I found the novel fast paced and totally immersive, and the themes of disability brilliantly done, and thought provoking, providing the novel with a perspective and feel that was totally unique.

I shall be adding my copy of Blind Justice to the stock at Malvern Library and recommending this fabulous local author to all our customers!

I would like to thank Urbane Publications for a copy of Blind Justice to read and review and Love Books Group Tour for inviting My Bookish Blogspot to participate in the blogtour.

About the author

Alex Tresillian Author Image

Alex grew up in rural England with a dream to write for a living which never quite came true. He has enjoyed incarnations as a theatre publicity officer, restaurant manager, teacher, teacher trainer, and curriculum developer. Along the way Alex wrote five plays that were performed by students including one, Never Mind the Rain Forests, that was enthusiastically reviewed (3 stars) at the Edinburgh Fringe. Another, Gavin’s Kingdom, received a professional workshop production at the Birmingham Rep. Plays Into Shakespeare, a book for English and Drama teachers that introduced students to the characters in Shakespeare’s plays through short modern-English ‘additional’ scenes, was published by First and Best in Education in 2007.

Alex moved to Abu Dhabi in 2008 with a Lebanese international education company that had a contract to train English teachers and develop curriculum materials. Latterly moved to their Academic Development office in Beirut and wrote two series of books for students from ages eight to sixteen – one on grammar and one on the art of writing. He is now living with his wife of many years in Worcestershire, his children pursuing careers in education, fashion, charity fundraising and web development in places as disparate as Beijing, London and Chesterfield. Alex also enjoys writing stories for his young grandchildren.

Social Media links:

Website: https://urbanepublications.com/authors/alex-tresillian/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alex_Tresillian
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