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Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Marie Griffin  Titan Books February 6th 2018

Imagine a world sometime in the future, there is no internet, no mobile phones, a huge epidemic has killed off vast swathes of people and those that have survived have a limb or some part of their body missing.

This is the world in which Nell now resides.  But Nell is different from everyone else, missing a limb not on the outside but the inside, a heart, a heart replaced by a ticking box that increases in volume as she becomes stressed, unsettling those around her.  Her mother is dead and her father, a renowned expert in artificial limbs spends his time locked in his laboratory leaving Nell to her own devices. Nell has her best friend Ruby and Oliver, who professes undying love not reciprocated by Nell.

Each member of society must make a contribution and Nell must decide on hers. With a renowned mother and father the expectations are high, but what can she do? As friendships wane and Nell finds herself alone she decides to build a man, an android, one that will help rebuild their community,  and be her friend, but what Nell doesn’t foresee is the huge gamut of family secrets and trouble her android will bring.

I have to be honest and say that is not the type of novel that I would normally read, it is totally out of my comfort zone, but the blurb intrigued me. It was a novel that took me by surprise and I was soon totally engrossed in Nell’s world.

The novel is very much about Nell, a fantastic character, strong and determined, yet full of emotion and feeling. She constantly battles against inner emotions torn between what she believes is right and a duty to those around her.  Her relationship with her father is distant, yet she wants to impress him, show him that yes, she too can be just as good as he is and as her mother was.

The story itself was well paced and certainly didn’t lack in action and tension, with a twist I didn’t quite expect. It’s concepts were very thought provoking and relevant to society today and certainly raise some very interesting questions around the role of the internet and technology.

It is one of those books that can be read and enjoyed by a wide age range and I for one will be looking forward to what Sarah Marie Griffin will be writing next.

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Sarah Maria Griffin lives in Dublin, Ireland, in a small red brick house by the sea, with her husband and cat. She writes about monsters, growing up, and everything those two things have in common.

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  1. Just been looking at reviews of this on Goodreads and gosh has it divided readers! Some love it, others hate it. I’m unsure about whether it for me but your review has persuaded me perhaps I should give it a try. It sounds inventive and intriguing if nothing else…

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