Montepelier Parade by Karl Geary @karlgeary @HarvilSecker

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Montpelier Parade by Karl Geary  Harvil Secker  January 2107

When Sonny and his dad do a job at the very select Montpelier Gardens Sonny falls in love.    Vera is fragile, broken and ill although we are never quite sure what is wrong with her. When Sonny returns to do further jobs for Vera he saves her from succeeding in her attempt to commit suicide   What follows is a novel that beautifully depicts a forbidden relationship between Sonny and the older Vera.

Sonny is brilliantly portrayed and you cannot help but feel for this young man, unsure of his place in the world but slowly awakened to what it feels like to love and feel so deeply for someone.

Whilst Vera has her secrets and is extremely fragile you would like to think that Sonny brought some happiness into her troubled life.

Their relationship is so beautifully depicted that I find it difficult to describe and I was totally immersed in the emotion and tenderness of the writing. I found it extremely moving and I will admit to having a few tears in my eyes as I read.

It is an enthralling, evocative, stunning and deeply affecting debut that lingered and with me for a long time.

An astounding piece of work that deserves its place on The Costa First Novel Shortlist

About the author

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Karl Geary was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1972. At the age of 16 Geary moved to New York where he has worked as a script editor and an actor, appearing in Michael Almereyda’s Hamlet and Ken Loach’s Jimmy Hall.. He also co -founded two music venues, Sin-e and Scratcher. Geary currently lives in Glasgow with his wife, the actress Laura Fraser and their daughter.

Montepelier Parade is his first novel.


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