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I am delighted to be part of The Magicians Lie blogtour and would like to thank Legend Press for the opportunity to read and review the novel.

Iowa, 1905, in a small town theatre, the female illusionist, The Amazing Arden performs her most notorious illusion of sawing a man in half, swapping the saw for an axe. Hours later her husband is found dead and all suspicion falls on Arden.

As she flees the scene she bumps into young police officer Virgil who promptly arrests her and takes Arden back to the station, handcuffing her multiple times to a chair, and begins questioning her, trying to coax out a confession that might well help to save his own career.

As night flows into morning, it is not a confession Virgil hears but the story of how Arden, real name Ada Bates became one of the most revered and successful female illusionists in America.

This is a novel that will surprise those who read it. Like Virgil I was waiting for Arden’s confession but instead found myself  drawn into this wonderful story of a young girl discovering her growing talent for magic.

Arden or Ada is a tenacious, determined character who found the courage to run away from her family farm and her cousin Ray’s indecent advances. Taken in by Madame Herrman, herself a magician, Ada grows in confidence as she learns the tricks of the trade. I was worried that the actual mechanics of the illusions would be overbearing or even boring, but I need not have worried. Greer handles them extremely well fitting them seemlessly into the narrative, in a timely and relevant fashion.

Whilst Ada’s story was captivating and highly entertaining, what stood out for me was the relationship between Virgil and Ada. Stuck in a small room both are wary of the other giving little away about their personal circumstances. Yet, as the night progresses their defences slowly fall and a mutual respect for each other emerges. As Virgil probes further he begins to understand more about Ada and begins to question her guilt, slowly unlocking each set of handcuffs as trust slowly builds between them. He also becomes quite introspective, looking back on his own life and gains some perspective on his marriage and his current issues.

The novel is not fast paced but the narrative is full of imagery and the settings beautifully staged by Macallister. It perfectly conveys the excitement of the theatre and the drama of the magical illusions, holding your attention and drawing you in.

This novel has a bit for everyone, murder, history and a love story. It may not be to everyone’s liking but i loved it and cannot wait to read the next novel by Greer McAllister.

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The Magicians Lie by Greer Macallister Legend Press October 2nd 2017

About the author.

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Greer Macallister was raised in the American midwest and is a short story writer, poet, novelist and playwright. The Magician’s Lie is her debut novel and was a USA Today bestseller. The actress Jessica Chastain has optioned it for film.

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