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The Sixteen Trees of the Somme by Lars Mytting Maclehose Press August 10th 2017

Remember Norwegian Wood, the book about wood that topped the bestseller list ?? Well Mytting has now written a novel, not his first but the first one to be translated into English. Is it any good???  Yes, most definitely.

It tells the story of Edvard, a young man who grows up on his Grandfather's  potato farm in Norway. Life is not easy, his parents are dead, killed in a mysterious accident in 1971 and his Grandfather is reviled for being a Nazi sympathiser during the second world war.

When his Grandfather dies Edvard resolves to find out about his past, how and why his parents died and the truth about the apparent estrangement of his Grandfather's brother Einar.

Letters found in a forgotten room and discussions with the aged Priest open up a veritable pandora's box of questions that drive Edvard to the wind, rain soaked Shetland Islands and finally to the battlefields of the Somme in France.

It is beautifully written with tenderness and emotion and the characters are wonderful.

From the first page to the last I was completely hooked. This book has everything.

It is a love story based in the past and the present. It is a tale of obsession, of war, of wood and of forgiveness.

A must read for anyone. I believe Mytting has another bestseller on his hands!

About the Author

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Lars Mytting is a novelist and a journalist who was born in Favang, Norway, in 1968.

The Sixteen trees of the Somme was awarded the Norwegian National Booksellers Prize and will be made into a film.

He is previously know for his non fiction book, Norwegian Wood which was a huge bestseller.



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T is for Tree by Greg Fowler  Black and White Publishing August 10th 2017

A baby squirms and squeals in a hospital cot and its young mother watches, still suffering the after effects of the birth. Slowly she gets out of bed, leaves the room and disappears.

Fast forward 8 years and that young baby is now in his room, kept locked away by his grandmother. You see Eddy is different, he's not like every other 8 year old. He looks different and according to his Grandma Daisy he's dumb, that because Eddy has Downs Syndrome.

Central to the story is the tree that stands outside the side window of Eddy's bedroom. The branches are slowly growing and creeping through the crack in the window, enveloping the walls of his room. When a young girl, Alex moves in next door the tree becomes the thing that binds them together. Sitting on the branches between their two houses eating jam sandwiches, their friendship grows and deepens.

As the years pass Eddy's relationship with his Grandmother and Alex change, sometimes for good and at other times bad. What never fails is Eddy's optimism and his willingness to see the good in everyone.

The characterisations, particularly of Eddy, are wonderfully done, really getting to the heart of who he is. Sometimes sad, but filled with hope and happiness this is a well written debut novel that will tug at the heartstrings.

About the author

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Greg Fowler lives in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife and three children. Greg is a professional risk consultant with a passion for writing. It is with much encouragement from his wife Fiona that T is For Tree became a published novel and Greg hopes to continue with his writing.








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