The halftime scores are in……

Its June and exactly 6 months through the year. I’m also just over halfway through this years reading challenge, having read 45 books out of my target of 80.

To commemorate this occasion I decided it would be good to list my top 6 books of the year so far, and to look ahead to some of the books I cannot wait to read in the next 6 months of 2017.

This has not been an easy decision. The standard and quality of books published so far has been outstanding.

So here goes and they are in no particular order, I shall my rank my favourites at the end of the year.

Image result for sarah schmidt see what i have done

Sarah Schmidt See What I have Done  Tinder Press May 2nd.

A fictional account of the Lizzie Borden murders. A chilling portrait of a dysfunctional family about to implode. Hyped as one of the novels of the year and it does not disappoint.

Image result for gin phillips fierce kingdom

Gin Phillips Fierce Kingdom  Doubleday June 15th

Exploring motherhood and what lengths you would go to to save your child when trapped inside a zoo as gun men run amok killing all they come across. Utterly brilliant and totally immersive, you must read this book.

Image result for eleanor oliphant is completely fine by gail honeyman

Gail Honeyman Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine  Harper Collins May 18th 2017

What is not to like about this novel. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine or is she? You will laugh, cry and totally fall in love with Eleanor. Already optioned to be made into a film by Reese Witherspoon this novel is going to be huge.

Image result for megan hunter the end we start from

Megan Hunter The End We Start From May 18th 2017

A woman gives birth in a dystopian London, a city about to be engulfed by floods. A short sparse novel that packs a punch and is utterly brilliant. I read this in one sitting and was totally blown away by Hunter’s writing. It is hard to believe that its a debut novel.

Image result for laura barnett greatest hits






Laura Barnett Greatest Hits  W&N June 15th 2017

The author Laura Barnett, collaborates with singer songwriter, Kathryn Williams to unravel the life story of retired musician Cassandra Wheeler. Each stage in Cass’s life is highlighted by a song, with lyrics that mirror perfectly the moments of that time. Totally unique and wonderful.

Image result for fran cooper these dividing walls

Fran Cooper These Dividing Walls Hodder and Stoughton May 4th 2017

An apartment building on the backstreets of Paris houses a myriad of characters each with their own story to tell. A novel that perfectly captures a true sense of time and place in the blazing heat of a Parisienne summer.

The Second Half

Now for the second half of the year. What  6 exciting books are looming on the horizon that I am excited to get my hands on and read??

Top of the list has to be Yesterday by Felicia Yap. Published by Wildfire on 10th August, this is the ‘thriller of the summer’. The buzz surrounding this novel is huge. Described as a ‘high concept debut thriller’ it asks how a murder can be solved when all you can remember is yesterday.

Image result for felicia yap yesterday

A close second is Tinman by Sarah Winman. Published by Tinder Press on 27th July, this has set the book world alight. The story of two inseparable boys, Ellis and Michael, and a painting of fifteen sunflowers won in a raffle. Feedback suggests it is a hugely emotional and heartrending read and I cannot wait.

Next up is The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce. Published by Tinder Press on 13th July.  What is not to like about Joyce’s novels particularly the truly wonderful The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. The Music Shop tells the story of music shop owner, Frank and his relationship with the mysterious Ilse Brauchman.

Image result for the music shop rachel joyce

One book that I cannot wait to read is American War by Omar El Akkard, published by Picador on 7th September. A second American civil war breaks out in 2074 and Sarat Chestnut must make decisions which will have far reaching consequences for herself and her family. I don’t usually like novels set in the future but the buzz around this one is such that I have to read it.

Tom Hanks, Oscar winning actor is now also a writer. His short stories, Uncommon Type: Some Stories published October 17th by William Heinemann, sound intriguing. Apparently the stories revolve around the theme of typewriters which Hanks has a liking for! Can such a hugely successful actor transfer his skills and be an awesome writer, I cannot wait to find out.

Image result for uncommon type some stories

I couldn’t decide which would be my sixth novel so I am going to name two further novels which I am very much looking forward to. First up is Kamila Shamsi  Home Fires published by Bloomsbury on September 7th. Billed as a retelling of Sophocles, Antigone it is a story of family, love, loyalty and politics. It sounds compelling! Lastly is Maja Lunde’s  The History of Bees published by Scribner on September 7th.  It tells the story of three generations of beekeepers in the past, present and future and the intense, powerful relationship they each have with bees and their children.

                         Image result for maja lunde history of bees

So, that’s it! My half year wrap up and the promise of exciting reading for the remaining half of the year.

Any publishers out there who want to send me a few proofs to add the list feel free to do so!  Maybe all you lovely bookbloggers have a few recommendations too!

Happy reading!!!

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