The Futures Anna Pitoniak

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Michael Joseph 1st June 2017

Julia and Evan, recent Yale graduates, about to embark on adult life together, in a squat New York apartment. Evan has the job of his dreams with hedge fund company,Spire and Julia, well Julia has no job and no idea what she wants to do.
As Evan works long hours and is barely at home, Julia becomes more and more despondent until a chance meeting finds her working for a charitable foundation, a job she will grow to hate.
The cracks slowly begin to appear in Evan and Julia’s relationship. When Julia meets fellow ex Yale student Adam, she embarks on an affair that will have enormous repercussions not only for Julia but for Evan as well.
We might think we are adult and grown up when at University, its perhaps our first time away from parents, the first time we can make our own decisions, but there is always a safety net of pastoral care to fall into. Launching into the job market, moving in with your boyfriend, that’s when real adult life starts and you finally have to grow up. That’s what this novel is primarily about. It conveys what happens when Julia and Evan’s imagined expectations do not match reality, when suddenly faced with grown up problems they fail, fall out of love and have to go back to the drawing board and rebuild.
It is a novel told in alternating chapters, depicting both sides of the story, detailing their individual and conflicting emotions. As a reader I often found that I wanted to bang their heads together, make them realise what the other was feeling and sort it out!
The Futures is a novel of place, of how wonderful a city such as New York can be if all is well and how just as we fall out of love with a person we can also fall out of love with a place. Pitoniak was very good at portraying the vastness of New York and its endless possibilities as Julia and Evan arrive, before its charm slowly diminishes and begins to feel small and claustrophobic as their lives fall about.
It may be a little predictable in places but that does not detract from what is a well wriiten and highly enjoyable novel
Thank you to Netgalley and Michael Joseph for a proof copy to read and review.

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