Introducing my non bookish side………

When I’m not immersed in books I indulge my other passion, running. I started running about 8 years ago when my marriage broke down. I needed to get out and socialise, make new friends and run off the weight I seemed to have accumulated after two children!

I joined my local running group, the Malvern Joggers, and have never looked back.

I’ve run three marathons, Edinburgh, Worcester and London and will attempt my fourth in October this year in Budapest.

It has not been without its trials and tribulations and I have had a couple of serious injuries which means I have got slower as I’ve got older! I’ve proved that I can run good times achieving a 3 hour 36sec marathon and a 1 hour 39min half marathon, and now I just relax and enjoy the escape it grants me from everyday life.

I use the beautiful Malvern Hills as my training ground, mixing it up with some road running, and attempt to run three times per week. I usually try and get to the gym a couple of times a week too, doing gym bike intervals and some leg weights.


There are some good races in the surrounding area that we tend to descend upon en masse, the most recent being the Broadway Tower Charity race with a steep up hill, a fast descent and the best blueberry muffin as a reward at the finish!


Running doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but the one thing I do splash out on is running shoes, Today I dashed off to Up and Running in Cheltenham and tried  a few different models on their treadmill before deciding to stick with my current model, Brooks Ghost 9. I don’t think i will be able to shrink into the background with these shocking pink, shiny new trainers!!


So, that is the non bookish me. I shall be intermingling the odd running post with my book posts as long as i don’t get injured and then it will be a few cycling posts instead!!

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