It’s just a bit scary……..

This is the post excerpt.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog and never had the courage, so I’ve finally taken the plunge. Its all very new and just a little bit scary. The site is in its infancy and I’ve not quite worked out how everything works, so please bear with me.

The main aim of the blog is of course to talk about the books I have read, post reviews and generally comment on the book world, but there may be times when I mention my love of running, the odd trip out on the bike and a glorious walk on the hills with my constant companion Bob Dog.

It is my intention to post one to two blogs per week depending on work commitments and whatever else is happening in my life.

I want it to have an informal feel with the odd bit of seriousness. Ultimately I want to shout about books and reading and the benefits it can have on your everyday life.

Next post is it my first book review!  Watch this space………….

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